Top Wireframe Tools

Learn about wireframe software and compare the best company that offers this tool. Narrow your choices quickly with this comparison chart of the top wireframe tools today!

✔ Last updated: 2023-12-04

Finding a wireframe tool that will fit your design team’s needs can make your design process foundation stronger.

A wireframe is a visual mockup that drafts the structure of your application, website, or even your landing page. A wireframe is just a simple outline with basic shapes and elements.

A wireframe is like a blueprint of your house. You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, right? So now, let’s compare the best wireframe tools that will make your designer’s work easier.


Features We Like

Bottom Line

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100+ Ratings

✔  Interactive prototypes
✔  Free trial
✔  Advanced mobile prototyping

Free trial, recommended for advanced/pro users, advanced mobile prototyping

100+ Ratings

For pro designers
✔ Provides web tools
✔ Impressive features

Made for pro users, supports every major operating system, has a wide suite of tools, made by Adobe – a leading brand

100+ Ratings

 Free trial
✔  Easy to use
✔  Works on Mac, Windows or Linux

Free trial, very easy to use, supports major operating systems, suitable for beginner/advanced users

100+ Ratings

Easy mobile prototyping
✔  Somewhat easy to use
✔  Free trial



Simple to use, free trial is available, suitable for beginner and advanced users, Android & iOS prototyping supported

100+ Ratings

✔ Sophisticated tools
✔  Intuitive interface
✔  Excellent customer support



Recommended for pro users, multitudes of advanced features, intuitive interface, excellent support

100+ Ratings

✔ Free trial
✔ Easy to use
✔ Sleek modern design

Very easy to use, free trial, recommended for team projects, SSl certificate

100+ Ratings

✔ Free trial
✔ Money back guarantee
✔ PowerPoint add-on

Works with PowerPoint, recommended for advanced users, free trial, easy to use

Things to Look for In a Wireframe Tool

For companies with a large design team, an hour in front of a whiteboard is not enough to work through the primary wireframe process. But if your company has distributed teams, then a wireframe must be digital so that it can be shared visually and efficiently to multiple collaborators.

We have tested dozens of wireframing tools, and that is why we were able to select the best tools available. We made sure that each of these tools has met the basic criteria of wireframing:

1. Stable and updated software

Some of the most popular wireframe tools are not updated for several years. So we made sure only to include the tools that are updated.

2. UI Kit

This feature is, so we made sure that the tools we included in our list offer this feature. You can take advantage of a built-in UI component library, or you can upload kits from third-party apps.

3. Levels of Mockup Fidelity

Some people prefer to stick with basic and low-fidelity wireframes, while some tend to work with high-fidelity mockups. These tools on this list can offer a full range of capabilities.

So, were you able to choose the best wireframe tool for your design team? We hope that we were able to highlight the fantastic features of these wireframe tools!