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✔ Last updated: 2023-09-25

Having a unique and recognizable logo and branding is very important for any business. It must stand out from the crowd. That is, it is essential to invest in the best logo designer. Learn about the top 10 logo design companies and find out how they can help you create a logo that will surely stand out.


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100+ Ratings


Deluxe rates top of the field for excellent customer satisfaction, with a team of consultants

✔Professional designs in 5 days
✔70,000+ satisfied customers
✔100% satisfaction guarantee

100+ Ratings

Wix Logo Maker

Wix lets you design a stunning logo in a few simple steps

✔100% customizable logos
✔Easy to add to your website
✔Get professional vector files

100+ Ratings


Fiverr offers hundreds of professional freelance designers that range in price and experience

✔Logos starting at $5
✔Thousands of designers available
✔Refunds offered on request

100+ Ratings


Crowdsource your logo from a community of 679,975 logo designers

✔100+ designs per project
✔Initial designs in 24 hours
✔Refunds within 60 days

100+ Ratings

INGIC Design

World-renowned design agency

✔Superior quality
✔Unique and varied logo designs and types
✔Round the clock customer assistance

100+ Ratings

Craftive Logos

Full staff of professional logo designers provide a range of visual products

✔Large portfolio
✔Quick turnaround
✔24-hour turnaround

100+ Ratings


FreeLogoServices provides professionally-designed logos and other branded marketing materials

✔Logos in 4 short steps
✔24 million users worldwide
✔Free to try

100+ Ratings


Logojoy’s AI-powered generator instantly creates hundreds of beautiful custom logo options

✔See logo designs in 30 seconds
✔1 million+ customers served
✔98% customer rating

100+ Ratings

Logo Maker

Logo Maker gives small businesses and freelancers professional logo designs

✔Build your logo and brand in 5 minutes
✔Trusted by 20 million+ businesses
✔ree guides and newsletters

100+ Ratings

✔ Strong financial ratings ✔ Good variety of discount options ✔ Large number of local agents ✔ Classic cars, motorcycle, and recreation vehicle insurance ✔ Great coverage options ✔ 24/7 claims reporting ✔ Roadside assistance

Logo Design Tips

We are sure that you haven’t seen a big brand without a logo, because there are none. A logo has a significant impact on how your customers will see your brand. Naturally, you would want your logo to stand out. But how do you really get there?

With the help of the top 10 logo design companies and this handy guide, you will learn everything you need to know about designing the perfect logo for your business.

Here are the essential tips for designing the perfect logo:

1. Understand fully why you need a logo – You can compare business with dating – you are trying to attract the right customers, and make them fall in love with your brand. Think of your logo as the profile picture of your dating account. It is going to make people take an interest, and they will try to learn more about your business.

Your logo will have a significant impact on the first impression on your business. It will give the customers information about your brand, and it will let them know if your business is right for them.

And since your logo is an essential part of your brand, you would want to make sure it is done well. Your logo will be attached to all of your branding materials. A good, professional logo design does not only have the power to communicate what you stand for, but it will also make a good impression and help you stand out from all of your competitors.

2. Define your business identity – Since you would want your logo to communicate with your customers, you must first understand your brand’s core personality. After getting a clear idea of what makes your brand unique and what your brand is all about, it will be so much easier for you to make a decision on how to design your logo that will complement and complete that picture.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while thinking about the logo design:

1. Why did I start this business?
2. What are the values that are important to my company?
3. Why is my business better than my competitors?
4. What makes my business special?
5. How do I describe my brand in just three words?

3. Finding Inspiration for Your Design – This is one of the hardest parts in designing a logo. You might want to start brainstorming to get all the ideas out and write them down.

You might also want to make a list of words that will describe your brand and how you want it to be perceived.

In creating a logo, we also recommend getting everyone involved in this process. It will be great to have more perspectives from different people.