Top Home Security Systems

Find the top home security systems for your family. Learn about the features that made them stand out among other leading brands!


✔ Last updated: 2023-12-04

Is it essential to purchase a home security system? Why would I need a video security system outside my house?

These are the questions that we usually ask ourselves before purchasing a home security system. There are different benefits of home security systems, but which type or which company should you buy from? Here are the top home security system today. Let’s compare!


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100+ Ratings

Full activation in under 30 minutes. No handy skills required.

✔100% wireless and cellular
✔ Self installation
✔ 30-day risk-free trial

100+ Ratings

5 distinct security packages designed to meet any budget.

✔ 24-hour monitoring
✔ Variety of security packages
✔ Money-back guarantee

100+ Ratings

Advanced equipment with professional installation.

✔ 100% cellular
✔ Free activation
✔ Customize your system

100+ Ratings

A variety of smart home and on-the-go equipment.

✔ 24/7 monitoring
✔ Next day installation
✔ Free security quote

100+ Ratings

Totally customizable and no installation fees.

✔ Live video monitoring
✔ 1-hour setup
✔ Save up to 20%

100+ Ratings

An internet connection allows you to manage your smart home system from anywhere

✔ Make your home a smart home
✔ Get 24/7 peace of mind
✔ Worry-free installation

100+ Ratings

Communications company with affordable smart home security

✔ 3 affordable plans
✔ 24/7 monitoring
✔ All-in-one deals

100+ Ratings

Safety at your fingertips with cutting-edge systems

✔ Comes pre-configured, ready to install
✔ 24/7 monitoring
✔ 30-second response time

100+ Ratings

Completely customized smart home security solutions

✔ Free one-on-one consultation
✔ Integrates with smart speakers
✔ 2-way video doorbell

100+ Ratings

Completely customizable home security systems with 24/7 monitoring Features

✔ Affordable video monitoring
✔ Free mobile app
✔ Free setup, shipping, and support

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Home Security System

Choosing the perfect home security system is not easy. You have to learn every detail about the company, and you must learn the type of protection they can offer. Here are some guidelines for choosing the top home security systems:

1. Customer Service – Most home security companies will recommend you to call them first when ordering their service. And to be honest, we also recommend this, too. When you do the ordering through their customer service, there is a high chance that you will get the lower or the best price just by discussing your quote with their customer service representative.

Most of the time, these home security systems will require installation fees, activation fee, or even equipment fee. But if you speak to one of their representatives, you will be informed about their exclusive deals, and it can also waive the fees we mentioned, or at least lower them. And if you are even luckier, these sales representatives will even offer you a discount, without also having to ask.

Also, these sales representatives can even provide valuable information about the system you want to purchase.

2. Is Equipment User-friendly?

Most of the consumers are happy about living with their security systems. They said that these systems gave them peace of mind. If you are always paranoid when going home from a night out, these home security will lessen that paranoia. If you leave the house more often, then you would be happy to know that most of the top home security systems will let you live stream your house. That only means that you can monitor the activity inside your house even if you are away.

Reasons Why You Need a Home Security Service

Here are some of the importance of home security, in case you are still doubting if you really need one.

1. Keeping Your Home Safe and Secured

This is the most obvious reason. There are lots of bad people who will not think twice before stealing from you and your home.

But if you have a home security system installed, it could really protect your home and valuables, and it will help you keep your family safe from break-ins by these people.

2. Home Security Can Be Used for Fore Protection

Some home security systems can even let you add heat detectors, too. These heat detectors will determine if a fire is about to start inside your home. It can also provide you advanced notice of even the slightest change in heat inside your house.

3. Can Even Manage Electricity

There are countless times when we have left our homes without realizing that we left a light or even a flat iron running. With this home surveillance system, you can shut off the appliances remotely. How cool is that, right?!