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Read our comprehensive guide in finding the perfect stairlift for improving mobility and independence for elderly and with people with disabilities.


✔ Last updated: 2023-09-25

Stairlifts are designed to help people who cannot go up or go down the stairs in their own home. Let’s help our loved ones and give them independence, comfort and continued mobility with the use of these top stairlifts.




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100+ Ratings

Acorn Stairlifts

✔ 24-Hour Repair Services
✔ Free Staircase Assessment
✔ Professional Installation
✔ Maintenance
✔ Good Customer Service
✔ Comprehensive 12-month warranty
✔ Carries a maximum weight of 350 lbs.
✔ Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation

100+ Ratings


✔ Excellent option for people with mobility challenges
✔ Good customer satisfaction
✔ Childproof Controls
✔ Footrest sensors

100+ Ratings


✔ Offers free, in-home evaluations
✔ Made according to the highest-quality standards
✔ Excellent customer service
✔ Braking system
✔ Seatbelt
✔ Body Harness

100+ Ratings


✔ Wide range of stairlifts
✔ Provides professional assistance, and a free in-home consultation
✔ Comprehensive warranty
✔ Battery Backups
✔ Obstacle Sensors

100+ Ratings

Mobile Stairlift

✔ Great option for those who want a motorized and portable stairlift without installation required
✔ The device can accommodate up to 500 lbs.
✔ Inexpensive

100+ Ratings

AmeriGlide Stairlifts

✔ One of the top online manufacturers and distributors of stairlifts
✔ Provides indoor and outdoor, straight and curved stairlifts for residential and commercial use

100+ Ratings


✔ Lightweight
✔ Compact
✔ Unique
✔ Patented gear system
✔ Excellent warranty
✔ Comprehensive insurance

100+ Ratings


✔ Can book a free consultation
✔ Stairlifts for traditional staircases, curved stairlifts and outdoor stairlifts

100+ Ratings

101 Mobility

✔ Offers factory-trained installations of home safety improvements
✔ Growing presence across the nation

100+ Ratings

Ascent Stairlifts

✔ Free Staircase Assessment
✔ Professional Installation
✔ DIY Installation

Most peoStairlifts Buying Guide

A quality stairlift is possibly the best bang for your buck when it comes to improving your quality of life.

Are you having difficulties going up and down your house’s stairs? There are a few solutions to this issue.

One solution is simply moving into a bungalow where you just don’t have a second floor or the stairs that go along with it.

Most people want to stay in their current and comfortable house though. In this case, a stairlift is the next best option. Stairlifts are very practical and cost-effective, and you don’t have to make a complete change to your life – you can continue living independently in your own house.

Before Buying a Stairlift

Installing a stairlift is a significant home improvement, and there are different options that you should think about. Here are some things you need to do before buying a stairlift:

1. Contact an occupational therapist who can guide you to find the best solution for your requirements.
2. Talk to someone who owns a stairlift. That way, you can get an honest opinion about the advantages and disadvantages of having a stairlift. They can also give you some questions you’d want to ask the stairlift company.
3. There are lots of good stairlift companies. We encourage you to get in touch with them.
4. Safety and reliability are the most critical factors that you should consider. Take time in finding the right stairlift company that will suit your needs.
5. Contact your local authority for more information on Disabled Facility Grants. They are obliged to give you this if you meet the criteria.

Types of Stairlifts

There are different types of stairlift, and it is important that you choose the one that is best for your needs.

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts can provide easy access to exposed sites like the steps leading up to your front door.

Seated Stairlifts

This type of stairlifts is one most popular model of stairlifts. It lets the user sit comfortably on a seat that swivels at the top of the stairs to make it easier to go from sitting to standing. It is also recommended that if you need mobility that is bigger than a simple walking stick, then you must make sure that you have two of each at the top and bottom of the stairs, as it is not possible to carry more significant objects on a seated stairlift.

Straight Stairlifts

Straight stairlifts will only let you travel up a straight staircase. This type of stairlift is a more affordable option. It is also easy to install.