Top 10 Flower Delivery Services

Take a look at the top 10 flower delivery services that you can avail today. Learn more about the delivery options, gift box options, and different type of flower arrangement today!


✔ Last updated: 2024-02-26

Flowers are still an excellent gift for your loved ones, whether they are near or far. Whether you are wishing someone a happy birthday or sending sympathy, sending flowers is a grand gesture.

Now, let’s discuss the top flower delivery services available near you, and learn about the different services they offer.


Service Provider


Visit Site

100+ Ratings

✔ Provides variety of gift baskets & gourmet food offerings
✔ Customers can choose to add to their floral arrangements
✔ Offers wide variety of collections
✔ original floral arrangements and fresh cut blooms

100+ Ratings

Enjoy Flowers

✔ Can order pre-made bouquet or make your own arrangement
✔ Highly recommended for bridal flower arrangements
✔ Good customer service
✔ Free shipping

100+ Ratings


✔ Offers roses, gift baskets and plants for different occasion
✔ Provides express flower delivery
✔ Ships internationally

100+ Ratings


✔ Sends gifts and fresh, handpicked flowers
✔ Flowers arrive ready to bloom
✔ 7-day freshness guarantee

100+ Ratings

Viva Roses

✔ Farm-fresh roses
✔ Has referral program that lets consumers receive 2 dozens free roses for every 2 friends they refer
✔ Can also get $50 credit for each two friends they refer

100+ Ratings

Avas Flowers

✔ Several delivery options
✔ Can order online
✔ Can visit local stores
✔ Allows customer to check delivery statuses

100+ Ratings


✔ Offers plans and floral arrangements online
✔ Gift options include gift items, wines, fruits, spa products, sweets and jewellery
✔ Offers same-day and next-day delivery

100+ Ratings

From You Flowers

✔ Provides a wide array of corporate and personal floral selections
✔ Gift options include balloons, gift baskets and flowering plants
✔ Offers same day delivery flower arrangements
✔ 90-day satisfaction guarantee

100+ Ratings


✔ Offers flowers for birthdays, funerals, anniversaries, and other different occasions
✔ Can select florist and shop from a list of flowers arranged in categories
✔ Gift options include balloons, chocolates and stuffed animals

100+ Ratings

The Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club

✔ Wide range of flower selections
✔ Offers different kinds of gift items
✔ Sources its flowers where they grow the best
✔ Customers can choose to receive their shipments monthly, every other month, quarterly or even a custom schedule.

Make Flowers Last Longer

Now that you have found the right flower delivery service, you might be wondering how to make flowers last longer.

Flowers are a traditional gift for any life’s special occasions. A beautiful bouquet can bring cheer to any space and leave a good and lasting impression. Whether you have received flowers on your anniversary or your graduation day, you would want to enjoy them for as long as possible.

But the sad truth is that flower bouquets do not last forever. On the bright side, there are guidelines and little tricks that you can use to ensure the longevity of your flowers. Placing your flowers near fruits is discouraged. Fruits release ethylene gas that can reduce the longevity of your fresh flowers.

Here are some hot tips and tricks.

1. Cut the Stems. One of the most common mistakes people makes after they receive flowers is forgetting to cut the stems. You can use garden shears to trim one to two inches off and cut them at an angle. Cutting stems at an angle will allow better water intake since they are not just sitting flat on the bottom of a vase.

2. Pruning. Remove any leaves that are below the waterline. It will not only make your flowers look better, but it can also prevent bacterial growth. Some types of flowers have guard petals which are the outermost petals of the flower. Removing these will make your flower open up fully. After your first pruning, you must check your flowers every day for dead or loose leaves and petals to avoid bacterial rot.

3. Water Correctly. Keeping your flowers hydrated is not only important, but you must also do this wisely. It is a no-brainer that your flowers will not last long without water, especially once their stems have been cut. After picking out a cute vase, fill it with room temperature water and then add a packet of flower food. Make sure that the flower food has been properly mixed and that the water is not too concentrated. It is also essential to clean your vase and change out the water every two days.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight. Flowers last longer in a room with a cooler temperature. You must avoid displaying them in direct sunlight or near appliances that produce heat. You must also prevent areas like open windows, vents, and ceiling fans because they can cause the flowers to dehydrate quickly.