General cleaning can be a tedious task, but the satisfaction you’d feel after you are done is priceless. After this tiring task, you might notice that you have a pile of books that you would not read again and old clothes you do not use anymore.

Not everyone has the time to sell their stuff online, so the next best thing is for them to donate to The Salvation Army.

We will discuss the essential things you need to know, like donation booths and volunteer opportunities, to avoid feeling wrong about a bi-annual wardrobe change. 

Items That You Can Donate

When you donate things to the salvation army, always remember that there are actual people who are going to use them. Make sure that the things you are planning to donate are working and in a useable condition.

Here are the top items that you can donate to the salvation army donation booths.


On average, an American spends about $1,604 on clothes every year. Only to buy new ones again in the following year, making piles and piles of unused clothes. This is why it is a good idea to do a closet cleanse every year, and give the clothes you are sure you won’t use anymore. 

Shirts, dress, pair of pants and sport attires can be donated, just make sure there’s no holes or visible stains on it.


Like in Toy Story, when Andy was about to go to college, he considered donating his old toys. The Salvation Army accepts toys like plushies and Barbie dolls in good condition.

Toys with small and removable parts are not accepted because they can cause choking to younger kids.

Home Appliances and Furniture

If you have a piece of old and bulky furniture that you want to get rid of, then go straight to the salvation army donation booths. They would gladly accept it. 

Washing machines, dryers, microwaves, or even oven toasters can be donated, too. Always remember that if you no longer need it, someone else might.


One of the most accepted things to donate to the salvation army is books. Many people are shifting to e-readers nowadays. But there are still some who prefer physical books. So if you do not like to hoard or store physical books anymore, consider donating them because they might end up in the hands of a person who will love them so much.

If you have a massive pile of stash from your childhood days, it would be best to consider donating them because they take up too much space. 

But you must also know that The Salvation Army does not take encyclopedias or magazines.


Most people upgrade their mobile phones every two years. If you have an old Blackberry or even an old Nokia that still works, the salvation army will accept it.

Old electronic devices could go a long way in helping someone in need.

Can I Donate Money?

Living a minimalist life won’t stop you from donating. You might think that donating $10 won’t much a lot of difference, but you would be surprised how much help you could provide to someone in need. 

Currently, more than 3,000 beneficiaries and community programs benefit from The Salvation Army, such as:

  • Child sponsorship: This program supports kids in different parts of the world by purchasing school supplies and upgrading the facilities of schools. 
  • The Red Shield Club: This program helps individuals in need through fixed donations per month.
  • Multiple rehabilitation and nursing centers

It is so easy to donate money to the salvation army. Just go to their website and click donate online using their PayNow QR code. But if you want to use a form, you can download the donation form and physically mail it to them. 

Can I Volunteer?

Aside from monetary and in-kind donations, you could also offer your time to The Salvation Army as a volunteer.

People with unique gifts of connecting with children could volunteer as youth or academic mentors. With this program, you could coach children academically every week for three to six months. You could also organize activities for them once every month to create a positive impact in their lives.