Staying connected with your friends and family has never been this easy with the use of video chat applications. There are different kinds of video apps available on desktop and mobile; that is why it’s hard to pick the best one.

We have created a list of the best video chat and video calling software that you can use on different platforms.


Messenger is one of the most popular messaging application that has video options. This application is popular among Facebook users, and it also has different features.

Video chatting with someone or with a group of people is straightforward. And recently, Messenger also introduced Messenger Rooms, where you can join a group call with up to 50 people.


The second most popular video chat software in North America is WhatsApp, but WhatsApp says it has more than two billion users worldwide.

It is easy to chat or search for past messages on this platform. It also shows when messages are read or received. Sending and receiving photos across this platform is also great.

WhatsApp can be used for video calls. You can start by video chatting another person, and then you can easily add other participants. As of the moment, the maximum number of group video calls is eight.


FaceTime is a popular messaging and video software. It is easy to start a video chat using FaceTime, but it’s only available for iOS and macOS users.


Zoom is one of the most popular video chat software today. It is available on all major platforms, and it is easy to use. This cloud-based video chatting service lets you virtually meet your friends, co-workers, and even your classmates.

One of the best features of Zoom is its tiled view, where you can see everyone on the screen at the same time.

Google Meet

Google Meet by Google is one of the right options for video calling. It is also included in G Suite. Google Meet is currently free for everyone who has an account with Google.


Skype is another Microsoft-owned application. It is one of the most professional ways to make a video call, and it’s been around for quite long, which means that many people use it. Aside from Windows and macOS, it is also available on iOS and Android.


Slack is perfect for perpetual office chat or one-to-one video calling. It is best used for team communication. It is also a great platform to share files.

Slack’s downside is that you have to subscribe to their group call feature to use it, and it is quite expensive.


Another good video chat app alternative is Viber. Before, Viber was a service used for calling devices directly, but now, it is also used to share files among users.

Viber is available across different platforms, including iOS, Mac, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and more. That only means that calling between other devices should be seamless. Plus, it is totally free.


WeChat lets you share photos and videos directly with other WeChat users, and it also has group video chat features. Another good thing that makes WeChat awesome is that it’s free to download.

Microsoft Teams

If you are part of the Office ecosystem, Microsoft Teams is the one for you. There is a free version of Teams that works well on Android and Apple devices.

It lets anyone talk, chat, or even have video meetings with up to 20 people. It also has a share screen feature that’s perfect for a team meeting.

You have to create an account with Microsoft to use it.

Google Duo

Google Duo is another simple videoconferencing application from Google. Aside from Google Meet, Google also created a mobile app named Duo. This app lets you do a group video call with up to 12 participants.

Recording a message and end-to-end encryption are just two of the noteworthy features of Duo.


You might not be familiar with Starleaf because it is a communication platform used by huge companies only. To get Starleaf, you must call a salesperson and ask for a quote.

But now that video conferencing is so popular, they are now offering basic messaging and video products for free for those trying to keep in touch during this pandemic.

Starleaf lets you have a meeting with up to 20 participants, and the maximum length for each session is forty-six minutes.